Friday, October 12, 2018

Banker to a healer: Seven reasons why I gave up my corporate career and became a healer

I am often asked if I ever miss the corporate life. I spent almost a decade in the banking, financial services and technology industry. It had been mostly a good experience. I had my highs - helping win deals, exceeding targets, appreciated by clients, superiors and peers. Frequent trips to the Caribbean on work was a special bonus. I fondly remember the time when my colleagues and I worked on our presentation at a beach resort :-)

But over the years I asked myself "Is this what I really want to do?" or "Am I doing this because as an MBA, I should be pursuing a corporate career?" These questions helped me ponder over my career choice, my beliefs, and my value system. I questioned myself if I had the courage to live the life of my dreams.

Here are seven reasons why I gave up my corporate life and became a spiritual healer.

Flexibility and support: 

Decision making involves many parameters including the practicality of your choice. In my case, the timing was right - a growing family, and the desire to spend time with kids, propelled me to make a career shift. Having a private practice allows me to watch my twin boys play chess and tennis. It also gives me the flexibility to spend time with my parents, extended family and friends. Thankfully, a very supportive spouse and family, and friends who encouraged me to pursue this path, were, and continue to be a source of strength and confidence.

Medication to Meditation: 

Along with a successful career, came tensed shoulders and neck muscles - classic symptom of "holding on to the burden", as if the existence of an organization was dependent on me. This was far from the truth, but at that moment, when you are frantically pursuing deadlines, and trying to win a deal, we tend to forget, that we are only a cog in the wheel. Acid reflux (deep rooted in that is frustration), literally and figuratively caused heart burn. Meditation helped to transform "Dis-ease" to "Complete-ease". Heart burn vanished and the bottle of Tylenol is rarely used. 

Mind FULL to Mindful: 

When the mind is full with thoughts, clarity gets reduced. It is difficult to focus and give your 100% to a task. Multitasking was celebrated at the workplace, but as an MIT neuroscientist, Professor Earl Miller states,  it ...."ruins productivity, causes mistakes, and impedes creative thought."
On the contrary, spirituality taught me to be mindful.  I embraced the benefits of my mindfulness practice, especially improved cognition and increased calmness. But one of the greatest gifts it brought me was simplicity. 

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Defining success: 

Over the years I wondered what my definition of success was. Was it a job title, bank balance, power, or authority? Or were these societal norms for success? Or perhaps the parameters by which we gauged success of alumni at B school? Introspection led me to believe that these were not my definition of success. I wanted freedom - to live my life as per my own definition of success.

Fulfilling career: 

When I realized my goals were absolute happiness, inner stability, and service, I also understood that success does not cultivate happiness; it is the other way round. I found the courage to follow my dreams and create my future.
"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Abraham Lincoln 

The chance to do good:  

The joy of bringing a transformation in someone's life is deeply fulfilling. Helping others brings contentment to me. The more I give to others, the more I get myself. The testimonials I have received from my clients, irrespective of the modality of healing - Reiki, meditation, chakra balancing, or past life regression therapy, fills me up with a joy that no promotion, or bonus ever gave me.

Positive vibes all around: 

Spiritual knowledge taught me that my thought process creates an energy field. This field or aura surrounds me always. My vibes and my aura are my first source of communication with others. It is not what I say to them, but the vibes/energy  that they receive from me is more important. Spirituality helped me cleanse my thoughts and energy field. When I changed, my world changed. As per my clients, the vibes at my home testify to that. And that is despite having teenagers at home!!! I did not anticipate it but I am delighted that spirituality also gives me parental bragging rights :-)

I am glad that I chose to be a spiritual healer. Clearly, it is both, my work, and my vocation. When I look back at my life, it now seems that this was my calling all along because I felt most alive and content when I was helping others.  The journey has been extremely rewarding so far. And I am glad this magical adventure continues....
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