Sunday, July 30, 2017

Teaching children Reiki and Meditation

I recently concluded a Reiki Level I and Meditation Summer Camp for children and teenagers. The curriculum included teaching children Reiki Level I, meditation, breathing exercises and brain exercises.

Some of the benefits of Reiki and Meditation are:
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Helps the body to release tension and stress
  • Promotes creativity
  • Aids better sleep
  • Creates deep relaxation
  • Helps relieve pain

Each child received a Reiki manual on the first day of camp. The class included supervised hands-on practice of all the healing modalities including Reiki, and meditation. At the end of the camp, each child received a Reiki Level I certification from iReikiNow. Those who attended the camp will be able to practice Reiki on themselves and also give Reiki sessions to others including pets and plants. 

Yay! Reiki Level I certified!

Giving Reiki to a tree

Below is feedback from children/teenagers who attended the camp:

Reiki Attunement Experiences

Aishwarya – I felt vibrations and warmth in my body. It was a very calming experience.

Anvita – My body felt tingly. I felt warmth in my hands and then I felt calm and refreshed.

Jahnvi – I felt a warmth come over my body. I also felt warmth in my palms. I felt calm and relaxed. I felt energy passing through me.

Roshan - I was happy to get attuned a second time because I find Reiki very beneficial.  I often give Reiki to myself before an exam or a tournament. It helps to calm me and increases my focus and confidence.

Sanjit - It was so cool. I felt I had the power flowing in my body.

Shibani - I felt vibrations and warmth inside and outside my body. I also felt very calm and peaceful.

Shreya - It was a really nice feeling. I felt warmth inside and around me. I felt a lot of energy coming from your hands. 

Shourya - I felt so relaxed. It was special.

Siya – When you put your hands on my head, I felt my mind clear and my head felt very light and relaxed. When you put your hands on my shoulders and down my arms, I had a tingly feeling and felt calm and peaceful.

Taran - I am thankful I have the ability to give myself and others Reiki. It gets me into a deep state of relaxation, increases my level of patience and willpower but at the same time it keeps me levelheaded.
Class in progress
Certificates awarded on conclusion of camp

Camp highlights – what appealed most to you in this camp

Aishwarya – I liked the brain exercises a lot because they cleared my mind. It was so calming that all the negative thoughts were gone. I am sure I will do the brain exercises that I learned before tests or in any situation when I am not feeling confident. I look forward to next year's Reiki and Meditation Summer Camp.

Anvita – I liked learning about the chakras. It was interesting to know about them because it was the first time I learnt about them and the knowledge that there is energy within my body. It is fascinating to learn that each chakra affects my thoughts, emotions and body parts.

Jahnvi – The thought cycle because it clarified to me why I had certain habits or acted in a certain way in some situations. Now that I understand the thought cycle, I know that I can create and control my thought and therefore my future. I will use this knowledge before my stage performances. All my friends are jealous (in a cool way) that I got to attend this camp :-)

Roshan - The lesson on chakras and meridians was very informative. I liked learning about the seven main chakras in detail. I will use that knowledge to give myself Reiki and to balance my chakras.

Sanjit - I liked the stretching and the brain exercises a lot. I also enjoyed receiving the Reiki Level I attunement as I feel very powerful now. May the force be with me always :-)

Shibani - The thought cycle and types of thoughts was a very interesting lesson because it helped me understand that I can choose my thoughts and my destiny. I hope you will teach us Reiki Level 2 next summer. 

Shreya - I liked the different forms of meditation. I also enjoyed the mindfulness and the brain exercises. I want to come back next year.

Shourya - I liked the breathing exercises and I also enjoyed the snack break :-)

Siya – I liked learning about the meditation 3 step process. It was cool because I learned that I can change negative thoughts into positive thoughts and feel better about myself. I hope I get to learn Reiki Level 2 next summer. 

Taran - The guided meditations were very relaxing. I almost always fell off to sleep. I also enjoyed learning about the discovery, history and miracles of Reiki. Looking forward to the camp next year. 

My experience as a "Reiki and Meditation for kids teacher" - 

Children are pure. They almost always live in the moment, are less inhibited, accepting of energy and benefit tremendously from Reiki and meditation. When explained the importance and advantages of self-care and healing techniques, they are quick to imbibe it. Yes, they might forget it occasionally, but once the seed is sowed, it stays with them, and with love, guidance and support, they will ultimately use these life skills to their great benefit. I am proud to see my students use these skills before a test, a game, a musical performance or even before they venture on new and unfamiliar experiences (be it a ride on a roller coaster or learning how to drive a car). The results are usually better grades, fewer medications, calmer and more confident personalities, and absolute happiness.

It was an honor and privilege to help equip these youngsters with coping mechanisms, healing techniques and to teach them Reiki. I feel truly blessed to be a part of their life journey and to be able to contribute to building their character.