Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Think Less, Think better, Feel great

Everyday on an average, 1087 flights land or takeoff from the Newark Liberty International (EWR) airport (Source - Airports Council International). Now, consider a scenario when two planes want to land at the same time. It creates a moment of conflict which has the potential to  convert the airport into a catastrophe. At that moment, the air traffic control issues instructions, the planes land safely, passengers reach their destination and danger is averted. 

Our mind is like an airport. It continuously thinks - that is the job of a mind after all :-). We have about 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts everyday. Our mind also faces conflict. This, however, is the internal conflict, where we struggle with ourselves or our conscience/ self. Two separate thoughts might want to take control over each other at the same time. This is when we use traffic control, which, in essence, is a moment of internal pause.

Types of thoughts

We can experience a range of thoughts -  negative, waste/useless, necessary/ useful, positive, and elevated/ spiritual thoughts.

We have the power to choose our thoughts

What is important is to realize that we have the power to change and choose our thoughts. Our thoughts create our feelings and experiences. If we think positive thoughts, we will feel positive and happy. And the longer we remain focused on positive and peaceful thoughts, the deeper our experience of these beautiful feelings.

Why do we need "Traffic control" in our thoughts?

"Traffic control" is a moment of internal pause. It is the time to free our mind of uncontrolled mental chatter, to erase what we have drawn on the canvas of our minds and gently remind ourselves that we have a choice to paint our own panorama. We can transform ourselves onto Claude Monet and paint our own bridge over the water lilies that takes us to a land of unlimited beauty, peace and freedom. Our inner traffic control gives us space and time to be aware of our mental thought traffic, and then gently guides us to think less, and think happy, peaceful, and loving thoughts.

So how do we use "Traffic control" to control our mind?

Throughout the day, we can take as many mindful pauses in our thinking as needed. It could be about a minute every hour, before every coffee break, or we can get into a rhythm by adding it to our schedule in the following ways:

  • As soon as we wake up
  • Mid-morning, perhaps 10 AM
  • Just before lunch
  • During the afternoon coffee break
  • Just before dinner
  • Before going to bed

What do we do during the pause?
Check our thoughts and the resultant feelings/ action in the last hour and set an intention for change if required or a silent pat on the back for positive thoughts. Alternatively, set affirmations during the pause, such as:

  • I am a peaceful soul
  • I choose happiness
  • I am fortunate to have so many blessings in my life
  • I give love to myself and to everyone

So, empower yourself with traffic control in your thoughts. Think less, think better and feel great.

Credit: These are my learnings from Brahma Kumaris, a worldwide spiritual movement, dedicated to personal transformation.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Work Life Balance

The happier you are in life, the better you get in all aspects of life including work.

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